Hi I am Imogen. I am a year 9 student at TOA. I think that the best thing about being a student at the Oxford Academy is the opportunities that people get. Some examples of these opportunities are the trips on offer. There is a skiing trip next Easter that students can get involved with. There is a trip to France to help students that are studying French. There is a whole range of activities that happen every day after school. Our tutors show us the timetable each week so that we can plan what we would like to go to. I hope to go on the trip to France as I am really enjoying my French lessons 

I enjoy my lessons because they are interactive and the teachers are really helpful. The subjects that I enjoy the most are Geography and French. I get to choose my GCSE options this year but I am unsure what I would like to choose yet. Year 9s will get the chance to speak to our teachers about this before we make any choices. There is a parents options evening so that I can speak to my parents about what is on offer. I also like that we have awards assemblies, last year I won a certificate for being one of the students with the most credits in the year group.    

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