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Why work at TOA?

Teachers or members of support staff at The Oxford Academy have an opportunity to make a significant difference to the life chances of our students and to the communities they are drawn from. A quality education can change lives – and we are seeking to employ people who recognise this and are motivated to make sure we deliver.

Together with River Learning Trust (RLT), the leadership team at The Oxford Academy is creating a school where generations of young people are able to flourish. Our goal is sustainable excellence. Our ambition is to be a place where the children of Blackbird Leys, Littlemore and Rose Hill thrive for many years to come.

At The Oxford Academy, teachers and support staff now benefit from school-wide high expectations about behaviour, clear routines, active support from leadership, centralised detentions and high-quality behaviour induction and training.

We have workload-friendly and manageable approaches to planning, resources, marking and assessment, as well as an excellent curriculum and resources to use and adapt.

RLT is a supportive trust that is built on key values of respectful relationships, a commitment to excellence and everyone learning. Being part of RLT means access to a collaborative network of excellent staff, plus huge opportunities for continued professional development.

Nora Ward


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