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Welcome to The Oxford Academy Sixth Form. Sixth Form is an important two years in the educational and life journey of young people, it acts as a bridge between students’ time as a child at school and the beginning of their adult life.

We are highly ambitious for each and every student at TOA Sixth Form and we want students to be ambitious and have high aspirations for themselves. We want students to achieve the best possible qualifications and to develop confidence and character so that they can go on to have successful, enjoyable, active, fulfilling lives and make a positive contribution to their families, communities and to wider society.

All the staff at TOA Sixth Form look forward to welcoming students and working together within the positive Sixth Form community we have built of which we can all be proud: A safe and supportive environment based on mutual respect, compassion and cooperation that will enable students to flourish.


The core element of students’ time at TOA Sixth Form will be the subjects they are taking, the academic or vocational programmes of study equivalent to three A-levels. Students will need to be hard-working and show high levels of commitment and curiosity in order to achieve the best possible results in their exams and coursework.

We also appreciate how important it is for students to develop the wider skills, attitudes and knowledge needed to realise their future ambitions so we expect students to participate in a wide range of additional activities and events, from tutor, assembly and PSHCE, to trips and visits, enrichment, work experience and independent study periods.

TOA Sixth Form students are also members of the whole-school community at The Oxford Academy as well as of the wider local community and of a family of schools within the River Learning Trust. We want Sixth Formers to lead by example in their attendance, punctuality and presentation and by treating all members of our community politely, with courtesy, friendliness and respect.

As a Christian school we will celebrate Christmas and other Christian events; we will also celebrate the rich diversity of people of all faiths - and none - who make up our Sixth Form community and we expect every individual regardless of their identity and background to be treated with compassion, dignity and respect. 

Central to success in Sixth Form is how students manage their time outside of subject lessons. Sixth Form students will have some non-contact lessons where they will need to show responsibility and use their time effectively by working independently on academic studies and contributing to the whole-school community.

We realise that students are busy people outside of Sixth Form including part time work, family and sporting commitments, if you use your time wisely while in Sixth Form during the day, you will be able to flourish in your academic studies and in your all-round development.

I look forward to receiving applications for TOA Sixth Form, to begin in September. It is a real highlight of my work to be able to interview students and find out about their aspirations and plans for the future and to be able to give information, support, advice and guidance on how TOA Sixth Form can help them achieve their ambitions.

Michael O’Hanlon
Head of Sixth Form


Michael ohanlon Louisa Wilkinson
Mr Michael O'Hanlon  Ms Louisa Wilkinson
Head of Sixth Form     Deputy Head of Sixth Form



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