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School Health Nurse

Secondary schools within Oxfordshire have a named NHS School Health Nurse who is based in the school. Your school health nurse is Tikki Harrold.

The aim of the School Nurse is to offer evidence-based preventative health care for children and young people. We strive to improve young people’s health and wellbeing and their life chances. We will work closely with teaching and wellbeing staff at TOA encouraging students to be both physically and emotionally healthy in order to make informed healthy lifestyle choices and reach their full potential. 

School Nurses provide public health interventions, including (but not exclusive to): 

  • Someone to talk to confidentially to address issues concerning emotional, physical, sexual and social health and wellbeing 
  • Immunisations
  • Health lifestyle choices (keeping safe, smoking cessation, substance misuse advice)
  • Support teachers with PSHE
  • Refer and signpost to specialist services 
  • Offer a confidential School Nurse drop-in 
  • Provide contraception, pregnancy testing and sexual health screening. 

If we cannot help, we will find someone who can.

How can you access the School Nurse?

  • Young people can pop into the School Nurse office (E105) at break or lunchtime (alone or with a friend)
  • Speak to your tutor or HOY to help with referral
  • Self-refer by drop in or using phone number to text which is on my door (E105)


The School Nursing service is confidential. This means we can discuss personal information with young people in confidence and will not discuss it with anyone else without their permission.  However we would pass on any information that we feel is needed to protect a young person or someone else from serious harm. Whenever possible this would be discussed with the young person first. 

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