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Endowment Trust

When The Oxford Academy was set up, an Endowment Trust was created and funded by the three sponsors. This trust, called The Oxford Academy Endowment Trust, has already helped the Academy with donations for various needs and projects, but it is now open to receive and consider applications, both from individuals (who may be Academy students or live in the local community) and from teachers or organisations who need to raise funds for a project they wish to run.

A limited amount of funding will be available each and grants might typically be £200 to £500 for an individual, or £1,000 to £2,500 for a group or an organised project. Applications will normally be considered three times a year, so there are deadlines published before each meeting to help you to fit in with the grant making timetable.

Further information is available via the three links below. These documents are necessarily quite formal as the Trust is itself a stand-alone charity and must follow guidelines laid down by the Charity Commission, and it also wants to follow good standards of governance.

If anyone is interested in applying, do please complete whichever is the more appropriate form and send it to the Trustees c/o the Headteacher. Alternatively, if you have any questions or are seeking advice, do contact

Emailed forms can be returned to:

We aim to let applicants know about the outcome of their grant applications within two weeks of the date of the meeting.

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