What do you like best about The Oxford Academy?


The teachers are really nice and the lessons are good.


What have been your highlights so far?


When we had an ice cream van come to school because our break area was the tidiest in the school.


What lessons and activities do you enjoy at The Oxford Academy?


I really like DT because we are doing woodwork at the moment and I really like PE, I love being outside. I really enjoy practical tasks.


What would you tell someone thinking of coming to The Oxford Academy?


I love the teachers because they are really nice.


What makes The Oxford Academy special?


The Oxford Academy is special because the teachers help you.


What has been your proudest moment or biggest achievement here at The Oxford Academy?


I was really proud when I completed the 1800 meter running in PE.


What are your goals for the future?


I would really like to be an athlete.




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