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Our Vision & Ethos

We want and expect all our students and staff to respect others, work hard and be successful.  To ensure that we achieve this, our students will enjoy school, feel safe, behave impeccably and expect success.  We strongly believe in giving our students the best possible start in life and we expect no excuses in relation to this.

Vision and Values

We want to give our students good qualifications that will give them more life choices, whether that is progressing to University or a career of their choice. 

Our approach 

We want our students to respect others, work hard be successful.  Success means academic qualifications that by 18 will allow them to go to University or follow a career of their choice.   

To achieve this at The Oxford Academy, we adhere to the following principles:  

Exemplary behaviour 

  • Poor behaviour is not tolerated at The Oxford Academy. There are no excuses for poor behaviour.  We need to ensure that our teachers are allowed to teach and our students are allowed to learn.  

High expectations 

  • We strongly believe that with the right attitude, support and excellent teaching all of our students can succeed.
  • We will set exceptionally high expectations for all our students and expect them to meet them.  

Excellent teaching 

  • In school the teachers have the biggest influence on student achievements. We provide our teachers with a framework in which to teach and we expect them to follow this.
  • We will provide excellent support and CPD for our teachers.  

Valuing and knowing every student and family 

  • We know that our students do best when our staff and families work together.  We regularly inform parents about their child’s targets and progress. We also very regularly monitor student progress.
  • We also realise the importance of celebrating success and that we need to create a safe, happy supportive environment to ensure student and staff success.  

Appropriate Curriculum 

  • We believe that if our students have a secure grasp of English and Mathematics, they will find the rest of their subjects easier.  That’s why we have more English and Mathematics lessons than most other schools, ensure that class sizes are small and have specialist academic support teams in these departments.
  • We also have a clear focus on literacy and numeracy.  We encourage a level of reading and our Fresh Start programme is having a positive impact on our students.  We also work with the Hamilton Trust and together we have developed a Numeracy programme that is being implemented at Key Stage 3.  

A Culture of Support 

  • We realise the importance of ensuring that our students and staff enjoy school, feel safe and expect success.  Although we have high expectations for everyone in The Oxford Academy and expect no excuses, we have developed a culture of support and cohesion, where if one of us fails, we all fail.   

Our Inclusive Christian Values underpin all we do  

  1. Respect (focus on forgiveness)– treating people with courtesy, honesty and fairness, co-operating with them and being thoughtful.  Respect means not thinking only of yourself, but treating others as you would like to be treated.
  2. Determination (focus on endurance)– includes hard work and focus on your goals.  Being prepared to give up some things to get where you want to be.  Not being swayed by others, but sticking to what you know is right, with real strength of character.
  3. Aspiration (focus on hope) – wanting to be the best you can be, achieve highly and fulfil your potential.  Not only have ambitions, but being prepared to put in the work to make them a reality.  Being professional as well as competitive.  We expect success at TOA.
  4. Responsibility (focus on justice) – taking control of what you do and of the consequences.  You become independent and accountable.  It includes taking care of yourself and your health, and having self-control and self-discipline.
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