Student Council

Our Student Council is responsible for driving the strong student voice that exists at The Oxford Academy.  Students are at the centre of our Academy and their views help to shape the future of the Academy.

Student Council representatives meet regularly at and issues discussed are fed back to the Senior Leadership team for consideration.  The Student Council also gets involved in a whole host of other activities including:

We believe that by listening to our students' views, we are empowering them for the future.

Charity fundraising

The Student Council organises seasonal events to raise money for a range of charities. 

Lead learners

Eight Academy students were trained by Oxford Brookes University to play a lead role in observing lessons and providing feedback to teachers about improving learning. Students were then tasked with working alongside teaching staff on targeted projects to change the content and delivery of lessons.


The Student Council are part of the recruitment process for any new teaching position. They are responsible for drawing up questions and interviewing each shortlisted candidate. Their view is a crucial part in the final decision which is made for any teaching post.

Behaviour management

Student Council Officers are responsible for the management and sanctions for the Student Council members. They receive data regarding student’s behaviour within the Academy and make decisions about their future role on the Council.

Supporting Academy events

The Student Council are the first students approached to support Academy community events and have played an influential hospitality role in events such as open days, parents evenings, community days, science days, Lads and Dads days, VIP visits and transfer days.

The Student Council meet at the start of term on Tuesday's Week A Lesson 5

Student Council students should check their emails, as all meetings are confirmed via the Student Council mailing group