Omari's Story

“I decided to improve – and now my grades are getting  better.”

Omari has not always enjoyed school. Even back in primary school, he could often find himself in trouble. Omari also suffers from dyslexia so finds some lessons more difficult than everyone else.   A no tolerance approach to bad behaviour plus a strong focus on individual pastoral care pulled Omari round. He was given counselling and support to help him apply himself in lessons, and his teachers also helped him to see that he had real potential, and could do really well with a sound education behind him. With this support in place, Omari decided for himself that he needed to try a lot harder if he was to get the most out of his time at school.


Omari is also a gifted football player and is most at home on the football field – so he loves using the sports facilities at The Oxford Academy

Now, Omari’s grades have improved, and they continue to get better across all subjects, including English and Maths. His dyslexia still makes learning difficult at times. but he doesn’t let it stop him from trying.

This school is strict, but it’s a good strict. If you’re out of line they put you back in, but not in a harsh way. They give you more chances than other schools.

"I’m happier now"

Omari admits that now, at the end of year 8, he’s a lot happier than he used to be. He has a good group of friends and enjoys his time in school, especially on the days he has PE or plays football. Overall, he’s in a good frame of mind to choose his options in year 9 and go on to do very well in his GCSEs and beyond.

One of Oxfordshire’s best performing schools

The Oxford Academy is ranked first in Oxfordshire for progress, and 14th for progress in the whole country for GCSE results*. It’s ranked ‘good’ by Ofsted, with outstanding grades for leadership and management.

100% of all sixth form students gain employment or a university place.

*Based on 2016/2017 results.

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