Mariam's Story

Mariam used to dislike the whole idea of school

She didn’t like speaking to others and sat by herself in class. Part of this was a lack of trust she was given practical strategies to cope and to stop feeling so overwhelmed in class. As a shy introvert with an unpredictable nature, Mariam was also picked on, but the school put a stop to it immediately, and her new friends helped her to brush it off.

Once Mariam was able to settle in and contribute in lessons, she came out of her shell and no longer felt she needed to sit by herself in class.


She could then focus on the actual subjects, and discovered a passion for science and engineering:

There are so many facilities and so many subjects. I wasn’t so interested in STEM subjects until I came here – I really like science now.

Mariam has chosen engineering as one of her GCSE options and is currently top of her class and is seriously considering a career in engineering

She’s also working above her target grade in most of her subjects.

Teachers encourage you to study, they show you there’s a point to it. They encourage you to dig deeper into the subject and each teacher has their own way of making a subject engaging. My parents are happy because I’m getting good grades.

Mariam has shifted her view from disliking school to seeing it as an opportunity to learn and step up to greater things – and she’s positive that whatever your interest, The Oxford Academy can offer the same opportunity to you.

Once you’re here, you’ll understand how well we’re doing. We’re now one of the best schools in Oxford. Every school changes; some are going from better to worse, we’re just getting better.

One of Oxfordshire’s best performing schools

The Oxford Academy is ranked first in Oxfordshire for progress, and 14th for progress in the whole country for GCSE results*. It’s ranked ‘good’ by Ofsted, with outstanding grades for leadership and management.

100% of all sixth form students gain employment or a university place.

*Based on 2016/2017 results.

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