Jordan's Story

An Apprenticeship and a Second Chance for Jordan

After completing his GCSEs at The Oxford Academy, Jordan went to a different sixth form to study A-levels. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out for him and he had a change of heart in what he wanted to do. Jordan had heard about the apprenticeships offered by The Oxford Academy through friends – and was impressed with the good reputation the apprenticeships have within the area. He approached his old school and discussed his options for coming back as an apprentice. He settled on a Teaching Assistant role within the special educational needs (SEN) department.

Special Educational Needs at The Oxford Academy

Jordan provides support in class and during exams for his group of SEN students. The Oxford Academy has a strong team of SEN support staff, and Jordan is assigned a small group of students to work with. He also acts as mentor and support person to The Oxford Academy's autistic students, helping them to cope within the environment of a busy school, and encouraging them to use the quiet areas specifically created for them.

The Oxford Academy has changed so much over the years – it’s a happy place to be. We do charity events and there’s always a really good atmosphere.

Heading for Promotion

Jordan has really taken to his TA role in his old school. He’s already been accepted for a promotion to inclusion manager and is set to remain at The Oxford Academy for the next couple of years at least, gaining further experience in his chosen profession.




The level of support in sixth form, and even lower down the school, is higher than in other schools. There’s a high expectation of the students that motivates and challenges you.

One of Oxfordshire’s best performing schools

The Oxford Academy is ranked first in Oxfordshire for progress, and 14th for progress in the whole country for GCSE results*. It’s ranked ‘good’ by Ofsted, with outstanding grades for leadership and management.

100% of all sixth form students gain employment or a university place.

*Based on 2016/2017 results.

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