Cian's Story

When Cian finished his GCSEs at The Oxford Academy, he was offered a scholarship to train with Oxford United

The scholarship lasted for two years, and at the end of the time the students are told whether they are good enough to turn pro or not. Unfortunately, Cain was not quite good enough to play professionally with Oxford United, so he decided not to pursue football any further.

So, that left the question of what next? Cian contacted The Oxford Academy Sixth Form (Advance) and asked whether they had any openings for him – whether there was anything he could do to help. Their response: ‘Yes, you can help. But we can help you too – come back and do your A-levels.


A keen mathematician, Cian wanted to do Maths, Further Maths and Physics – but he wasn’t sure that The Oxford Academy had the expertise to teach at that level.

I thought it would be a hassle to do unusual subjects – like further maths – but they made it easy and were able to teach it. There are a lot of maths specialists here.

Cian soon discovered that his fears were unfounded

The maths tuition he received was probably better than he could get elsewhere – especially since he has one to one support for many of his advanced modules. And even for the modules he takes with the other students, class sizes are very small, less than 10 in many cases.

It was right at the beginning of his course that his maths tutor recognised the potential in Cian and suggested he try for Oxford University – with the full support of the sixth form behind him.

Cian knows that there’s no guarantee he’ll get in, but just having the support and encouragement to apply is helping  him shape a future studying mathematics – a passion that’s never left him, even when playing football.

This school is a friendly school, despite what people say. Not many sixth forms have all the sports, art and academic facilities that we have here. Everything about this school is on the way up. I can’t wait to carry on.

One of Oxfordshire’s best performing schools

The Oxford Academy is ranked first in Oxfordshire for progress, and 14th for progress in the whole country for GCSE results*. It’s ranked ‘good’ by Ofsted, with outstanding grades for leadership and management.

100% of all sixth form students gain employment or a university place.

*Based on 2016/2017 results.

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