Students who attend lessons make good progress on their courses

At the Oxford Academy we have high expectations around punctuality and attendance.  Your Sixth Form day begins at 8.40am.  Your lessons are scheduled between 8.45am and 4pm.  Any time before or between scheduled lessons should be used for independent study, lesson preparation or volunteering around the school.  At TOA Sixth Form we believe that students should use the whole day to focus on making progress and preparing for the future.

Should you be absent for any reason, it is essential that you let us know via a phone call or email.  Family holidays, driving lessons, doctor's appointments or similar engagements should be arranged out of school hours so that you do not miss out.

A minimum of 95% attendance is expected.  We see attendance as a sign of your committment.  Please be aware that if you are consistently below 95% you may be asked to leave Sixth Form. Sixth Form office may be contacted by telephoning 01865 783272 or by emailing