The Oxford Academy is passionate about getting involved with the community in as many way as possible.

We try to extend learning in lessons into the wider community by helping to run projects to involve those who live in the local area and to give our students a well rounded learning experience. In the past year (2016/17) we have run community projects involving the elderly, primary schools and local charities. These have had a positive impact on the local area, by involving students and staff in creating a school where all feel welcome. 

We are also proud to offer our facilities for hire to those in the local community, including clubs, team, charities, individuals and businesses. The income generated from hiring out our facilities is reinvested into our students, by subsidisng the school costs. In the past year (2016/17) we have generated enough profit to cover the cost of 8,000 text books, 57,000 school dinners or 8 Newly Qualified Teachers! This income facilitates many of the community projects which are run, enabling our students to experience new things, learn new skills and boost their confidence outside of the classroom.