From Primary to Secondary School

Arriving at any new school can seem daunting, so The Oxford Academy staff work hard to ensure that that Primary school children have the opportunity to get to know us and our building long before they actually join!

Here are some of the activities that your son or daughter may be involved in whilst still in their Primary school:

  • Open Evening, when they have the opportunity to visit with parents and look at the whole school and chat to teachers.
  • Several Afternoon Tea events where parents and children can return, revisit and chat!
  • An open door invitation for parents and children to visit lessons and staff with our Year 7 Learning Manager throughout the year.
  • Coffee Mornings and one to one meetings with our Inclusion Team to make sure that we are ready to give bespoke learning support to your son/daughter from day one.
  • Curriculum days with a specific focus on literacy, numeracy etc. which involve spending the whole day with us.
  • Visits from T.O.A staff to work alongside your son/daughter in their Primary School and get to know them.
  • Numerous visits to Primary schools from our current students and Year 7 team to allow time for questions and answers.
  • Mini- visits: your son daughter’s Primary school has an open invitation to drop in with small groups of children who are anxious about joining us. Once they arrive T.O.A students will work with them on transition activities.
  • Two full days transition into Year 7. A chance to meet their new Tutor, Tutor group and sample some lessons.
  • Joint musical events at T.O.A with other Primary schools
  • Numerous sporting activities either on site at T.O.A or in your son or daughter’s school but taught by our P.E team
  • Additional days at our Jack Peers Centre for students who are worried about transition. This is our countryside centre where we are very lucky to be able to run team building sessions for small groups of children.
  • A variety of Summer Schools across a range of date with a focus on art, technology, literacy, numeracy etc.
  • A “meet the Tutor” evening at the end of Year 6 which allows parents the opportunity to meet the key point of contact in Year 7.
  • An invitation to join after school curriculum clubs across years 4 to 6 which are run on site at T.O.A.

Once you son or daughter actually arrives, looking smart in their new uniform, we understand that our work is just beginning! By running the day with just Year 7 and 13 on site they are able to enjoy a quiet day getting into new routines. Numerous staff are available to give directions, answer questions and generally make sure that it is a day to remember!