Oxford Academy


We will provide your son/daughter with the items highlighted in blue free of charge for year 7 students.  Further items with prices can be purchased via Student Reception or from any High Street uniform stockist.

Main uniform

  • Academy Black blazer  
  • Black Skirts or Trousers (tailored and NOT tight fitting at the ankle - see below for an example)
  • White long sleeve shirts and blouses
  • Tie  
  • Academy V-neck blue jumper (£14.50 - £17) Optional
  • Black/grey socks/Black tights
  • Black leather shoes (plain with a low heel, no trainers of any kind, boots, sandals, canvas shoes or high heels) 

PE kit

  • Academy Blue polo shirt  
  • Academy Blue fleece  
  • Amazon Blue PE Jacket (£25.50 - £28.50) Optional
  • Black football shorts
  • Black tracksuit bottoms (£16 - £17.50)
  • Academy blue/black football socks  
  • Plain white sports socks
  • Trainers
  • Football boots (for outside sport) 

You can also purchase a blue and black ruck sack or laptop bag (£6.50 each). Optional

Borrowing PE kit

  • Students will be expected to borrow kit before the lesson has begun
  • A K4 will be given if the student has not borrowed prior to the lesson starting
  • 4 K4's from PE in one term will result in the student being place on the Out of Hours programme
  • In exchange for the loan of the spare kit, students  will need to give a member of the PE team their student card.  This will be returned to them, once the kit is given back to that member of staff
  • Students are still expected to wear full Academy PE kit during the lesson, even if they are officially excused and participate in the lesson as an offical or leader


Click here for a copy of the Uniform Order Form. For more information on uniform, please contact us.  Full Uniform Policy is available on the Policy Page.


Hair should be of reasonable length, style and natural colour suitable for school, no shaved designs in head.


One pair of plain stud earrings in the ear (1 earring in each ear) and a watch are permitted.  No additional fashion jewellery should be worn.


Make-up should be kept to a minimum with a natural appearance.  Nail varnish is not permitted.


Girls school trousers should be black tailored and non stretch