Oxford Academy

Transition Meeting

Dear parent/carer,

We would like to invite you to attend a transition meeting for parents on Tuesday, 21st May, here at The Oxford Academy. These meetings are for the parents/carers of pupils whose primary schools have told us their child is currently on their SEN register.

This will give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about your how your son/daughter’s needs will be met at The Oxford Academy.

The one-to-one meetings will be conducted either by Mrs Radcliffe, the SENCo, Ms Hanson Abbott, the Assistant SENCo or Mrs Hewitt, our specialist SEND teacher. Mrs O’Hara, who oversees the transitions for the whole year group, will also be on hand to answer any general questions you may have.

Although we shall no doubt receive further information from your son/daughter’s school, it would be helpful if you could bring a copy of their diagnosis if you have one and any reports from any specialists if you have them. We can photocopy them on the day so you can take the original documents back home.

Please indicate below which time slot suits you best.


Kind regards, 

Mrs K Radcliffe (Senco)

To contact the SEND department at any time, please email SEND@theoxfordacademy.org.uk. Please note that due to the high number of emails we receive, you will receive an answer within two working days

Year 6 Transition Day Appointment Slip