Oxford Academy

Science Trips

On the 15 March 2018, 28 year 9 students visited The Big Bang Fair at Birmingham NEC (www.thebigbangfair.co.uk). The students were invited to go on the trip as a reward because they made more than expected progress in science between their exams in October and in February.


The students had a fantastic time finding out about careers in science, technology, engineering and maths. There were lots of opportunities to get involved. Our students were polite, engaged and interested in the interactive activities they took part in and were a real credit to the school. The activities included trying virtual reality, 3D printing and testing their reaction times. They also watched shows on the main stage about sound and food flavours; watching the opera singer’s vocal cords moving in real time and learning about chemical explosions were particular favourites.

Thank you to Mrs Braham, Ms Thom, Mr Griffin, Mr Chapman and Mr Surrage for organising the trip.

The picture below give snap shot of the day.


In September 2017  year 13 and year 12 visited West Wittering Beach in West Sussex to study succession in sand dunes. They used transects and quadrats to sample the dunes, collecting lots of lovely data to analyse!