Oxford Academy


Facilities: 8 Laboratories, 1 full time science technician, 1 part-time technician

We have a tailor made curriculum giving students the best opportunity to succeed at GCSE Science and beyond.  Students will have the opportunity to attend science days at the Oxford University, get involved in science based clubs and listen to lectures from scientists and University students.  We also run a private tutoring system involving students from Oxford University supporting our students with revision after school.

Every Wednesday we have a range of after school revision sessions so students can achieve in science and reach their full potential. We are a dedicated team of enthusiastic teachers.

Meet the Science teachers

  Email address  
Robbie Burns - Science teacher Robbie.Burns@theoxfordacademy.org.uk
Chris Callaghan - Science teacher NQT Chris.Callaghan@theoxfordacademy.org.uk

John Chapman – Science teacher


Emma Humphreys 


Keith Ryan – Science teacher


Sally Thom – Head of Science