Oxford Academy

Modern Foreign Languages

Subject Leader: Lisa Steele

Teachers: 5 teachers (including subject leader)

Facilities: 5 classrooms equipped with Smartboards and interactive language software.

At The Oxford Academy our pupils enjoy the opportunity of studying either French or Spanish in Year 7.   They continue learning this language in Year 8 and may then opt to study a language at GCSE.  The Modern Foreign Language department organises regular visits to France and Spain in order to optimise cultural understanding and practise their language outside of the classroom. 

The aims of the Languages Department

  • To develop communication, social skills and confidence
  • To enable students to make excellent progress in French or Spanish
  • To enable pupils to understand other cultures and to give them the opportunity to visit those countries
  • To enable students who have a heritage or home language other than English to gain qualifications in that language
  • To enable students to see themselves as world citizens
  • To inspire students to continue learning languages

Number of hours a fortnight of either French or Spanish:

Subject Year Hours per fortnight
French/Spanish 7 4
French/Spanish 8 4
French/Spanish 9 5
French/Spanish 10 5
French/Spanish 11 4

Foundation Course:

Year 7

Pupils are taught in mixed ability groups in Year 7.  For Spanish they will follow the textbook ¡Viva 1! and for French the textbook ‘Studio 1’ is used.  Pupils will be encouraged to communicate as much as possible in the target languages and will practise all four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Term Topics delivered
1 & 2 Talking about myself
3 & 4 Family and friends
5 & 6  Hobbies and language project

Year 8

Pupils will put into sets for French and Spanish in Year 8 and will continue with the same language they started in Year 7 to maximise their opportunity for progression and build confidence in communicating in that language. 

Term Topics delivered
1 & 2

Home and Town  /  Food

3 & 4 Clothes and daily routine
5 & 6 Holidays




AQA Spanish GCSE


25% Listening – Paper 1

25% Speaking – Paper 2

25% Reading – Paper 3

25% Writing – Paper 4

Key dates

French speaking: submit by 12th May

Spanish speaking: submit by 12th May

French listening: 15th May am

French reading: 15th May am

French writing: 18th May am

Spanish listening: 6th June am

Spanish reading: 6th June am

Spanish writing: 14th June am















 Should you have any questions about the GCSE course please contact Lisa Steele, the Head of Modern Foreign Languages.

Merci!  ¡Adios!