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Homework - Revision

Revising for your GCSEs

Year 11 can be a challenging year with the number of subjects to revise and the feeling of it is all getting too much. Don’t fear, you can still have a life and be successful in your exams, you just need balance. Below are some helpful resources to support you in your road to effective learning:         

  • Get Revising
  • An online tool to build a revision table that considers what life commitments you may have e.g. football training, family time.
  • Once you have built your timetable you can easily access quizzes, flashcards, and videos to support you with revising any subject.
  • Seneca
  • An online tool where you can simply type in the subject and exam board. Seneca will take you through the units of work for that subject and will ask you questions to check your understanding.   No login is required just click the link and get started.
  • Your Favourite Teacher
  • An online tool, available for English, maths, and science. The units of work are tailored to the exam boards you are studying.
  • Just click on the link, log in and start watching the videos that talk you through the content. Questions are available to test your understanding.  

Top Tips:

  • When revising, chunk your learning into 30-minute times.
  • Test yourself on anything you have just learned. You can ask a family member or friend to help you with this. 
  • Switch off any social media and sit yourself down in a comfy, quiet place. 
  • Eat and sleep well.

 Key Documents:

  • Year 11 Information Evening booklet – containing the exam boards of each subject you study, key dates for year 11 and subject-specific information.


Most importantly, believe in yourself. Aim high and know that success is possible.  


Year 11 Information Evening Booklet



Learning at home is an essential part of good education.  Homework not only reinforces classroom learning, it also helps students to develop skills and attitudes they need for successful lifelong learning.  It promotes independent learning skills, including the habits of inquiry and investigation.

Homework is therefore an essential part of The Academy's teaching and learning programme and as a rule of thumb students can expect to be set homework as follows:

  • Years 7 and 8 (Foundation) - twice per week for core subjects and approximately once per week for other subjects
  • Years 9, 10 and 11 (Accreditation) - at least once per week per subject
  • Years 12, 13 and 14 (Sixth Form) - students are expected to undertake private study alongside their taught sessions.

Some departments also use Twitter and Edmodo to communicate homework to students.

Example Y8 student homework timetable

A typical homework timetable for a Year 8 student can be seen below:

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Week A English (reading)
Week B Science English (reading) Maths