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The History department prides itself on offering a high quality learning experience for students throughout their time at TOA. History is a popular subject in Key Stage 3 and has a strong uptake at Key Stage 4 - with the 2014-2015 GCSE cohort forming the largest in the past five years. The department is staffed by two full time experienced teachers.

Each History classroom has SMART technology and access to laptops.

Curriculum Structure:

Year Hours per fortnight
  7 4
  8 4
  9 5
10 5
11 5
A Level 6

Year 7

In History, students will enhance their existing numeracy and literacy skills, whilst also developing skills specific to History and in particular the use of sources.  The emphasis is upon providing stimulating lessons that to ensure that students are able both to access History and to appreciate the formation of the modern world whilst making good or better progress. Assessment is varied with unseen formal exams; source analysis and overview of Historical claim and counter claims.  

Unit of study Topics taught
1 Key Historical Skills
2 The Norman Conquest
3 The Black Death
4 Tudors and the Reformation
5 The English Civil War
6 Britain’s American Empire

Year 8

Lessons in this year offer increasing levels of stretch and challenge to prepare students for Key Stage 4 should they choose History as a GCSE subject. As well as embedding skills developed in Year 7 there is the emphasis on key social topics: that explain from slavery to freedom and the experience of African Americans, whilst in Term 5 the Holocaust is taught. Lessons are increasingly delivered to encourage independent learning and as in Year 7 assessment is varied with unseen formal exams; source analysis and overview of Historical claim and counter claims. 

Unit of study Topics taught
1     British Values
2 The Slave Trade
3 The Industrial Revolution
4 World War One
5 World War Two and the Holocaust
6 The Post War Settlement

GCSE Course structure

Year 9 is taught as a GCSE one year foundation course.  There are 4 components to the GCSE course

  • Norman England
  • Conflict and Tension 1918 to 1939
  • Germany 1890 – 1945
  • Health and the People