Oxford Academy


The Oxford Academy is developing its programme of activities to recognise and support the needs of its more able students. The work carried out across departments to extend and motivate our most able students can ultimately be developed, and used to enhance the work of all students in the Academy.

Assessing more able students

High Prior Attainment (HPA) students will typically be working at a level one academic year or more above other students of the same age. As well as exceptional academic achievement, they might also have outstanding stills in performing arts of sport.  The Academy also aims to foster a culture in which different types of gift, such as leadership skills, or skills of empathy, are acknowledged, valued, and cultivated.  

HPA activities

Students on the HPA register are offered targeted extension in their lessons, as well as extra-curricular opportunities in their areas of special interest. We aim to ensure that all able students are offered the chance to participate in at least one extra-curricular activity each year. 

The Oxford Academy is developing lesson opportunities in the sessions immediately after school each day and during breaktimes, to allow our more able students to explore areas of particular academic interest, for instance, in Drama, Art, Music, Philosophy and Ethics, and English. Examples include:

  • A coding club for computer enthusiasts (in association with Oxford Brookes University)
  • Chess club to encourage strategic thinking (Maths department)
  • A debating society (English department)

Contact us

Parents and carers are often the first people to recognise that a child is exceptionally able, and we would encourage you to get in touch if you would like to share with us any information about your child that would help us to provide more effectively for their education (for instance, if they have a particular out of school interest but might not have let their teachers know).