Oxford Academy

Exam Timetable 2019

Click here for the Year 11 Mock Exam Timetable - February/March series

Exam Expectations at The Oxford Academy
1) Bags and Coats and personal belongings to be left in lockers, not in any exam room.
2) Mobile Phone, Headphones, Smart Watches to be left at home, or left in a secure place. Responsibility for organising this is with you. They can not be taken into the exam room.
3) Arrive in good time for the exams, sign in with the Subject Teacher in the Bistro. Last minute revision is available before the exams start. Exams start at 8:45am, you're expected to be in school by 8:30am.
4) Seating plans will be on display in the Bistro, near the Beecroft Theatre.
5) When it is time for you to go into the Sports hall/room, your Subject Teacher will guide you into the right direction.
6) Once you are in the exam room you are under exam conditions and you need to follow the instructions of the invigilator.
7) No communicating with other students once inside the exam room, this includes both verbal and non verbal communications.
8) If you finish your test before the end of the exam, check your work throughly. You need to stay in exam conditions until the test has finished.
9) If your exam finishes before another group, you need to walk out silently without disrupting others.