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Ethics and Philosophy

In Ethics and Philosophy, we tackle the ‘Big Questions’.

Why are we here?

Did someone or something create the universe?

Why are there good and bad things in life?

Why do some people suffer more than others?

What happens next?

Curriculum Structure

Subject Year Hours per fortnight
Ethics and Philosophy 7 and 8 2
GCSE Ethics and Philosophy 9, 10 3
GCSE 11 5 and 10 respectively


OCR Philosophy and Applied Ethics

What does the course involve?

 Philosophy and Applied Ethics GCSE is an exciting and highly contemporary course that is designed to help students engage with major questions about life, religion, the world and different responses to them.

Structure of course:

4 written papers x 1 hour each

Who to contact if you want to know more? David Caheny (Head of Ethics and Philosophy)

Philosophy Topics (Years 10 and 11) Ethics Topics (Years 9, 10, and 11)
1 Belief about Deity 1 Human Relationships
2 Religious and spiritual experience 2 Medical Ethics
3 End of Life 3 Poverty and Wealth
4 Good and Evil 4 Peace and Justice
5 Religion, Reason and Revelation 5 Equality and Religion
6 Religion and Science 6 Religion and the Media