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The Performing Arts Department consists of Music and Drama both of which are taught throughout KS3 and 4 with the option to continue into Sixth Form. As well as this the department produces an annual School Musical, Music concerts entry into the Shakespeare for Schools Festival, educational visits and much more and is led by Ms Powell. We are proud of the talents of all our students and celebrate their achievements whatever their involvement in the department.

Performing Arts in Year 7


Year 7 provides students with a range of different ways to learn about the basic techniques in drama, including good stagecraft practice, performance skills, physical theatre and characterisation. Through exploring exciting and challenging units such as “Darkwood Manor” and Pantomime, students learn how to rehearse effectively, work positively with others to collaborate and prepare scripted devised scenes for performance.


Performing Arts in Year 8


Having learned the basic skills in year 7, in Year 8 students begin to explore more challenging units and learn about different drama styles and genres. As the year progresses students prepare scripted duologues from plays such as ‘Ernie's Incredible Illucinations’ by Alan Aykbourn where they will explore multi-role characterisation. Students will continue to work on the disciplines of becoming an imaginative drama student and at this stage are offered the opportunity to continue to study Drama at GCSE by choosing it as an option moving into year 9.


Performing Arts in Year 9




Year 9 follows a structure similar to Key Stage 4 drama and students have an opportunity to explore key exam texts, such as “Blood Brothers” and the “39 Steps”, as well as devise original and powerful drama of their own. Students are also introduced to key practitioners of drama, such as Stanislavski & Brecht before ending the year with a polished performance piece. This is an exciting year for drama as students will be required to bring all their skills learnt across key Stage 3 in order to prepare full scenes for performance. 


Performing Arts in Year 10




In Year 10 students explore the different components that make up the GCSE qualification and have an opportunity to experiment with style and form as well as exploring a wide range of play texts, themes and stagecraft techniques. Group work is essential at this stage and, as such students not only become inspired by others but also strengthen social skills and develop positive working relationships.

By term 4 of Year 10, having gained a range of dramatic experiences, students begin to prepare for the demands of the GCSE specification by completing mock component units. This enables the students to understand the requirements of each one and develop their practical and written application ahead of the exams in year 11. They also attend a trip to a live performance and have an opportunity to develop their written evaluation skills ahead of the written exam also in year 11.


Performing Arts in Year 11


Edexcel GCSE Drama


Current Year 11 students are currently working on controlled assessment coursework before they commence work on their final performance unit and begin preparations for their unit 3 exam in front of an eternal examiner in term 4. Year 11 is an exciting time for the drama students at The Oxford Academy, the course giving them excellent options to continue studies into Sixth Form and their future career paths whatever they may choose.